You Are Worthy…

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Hi. I am Courtney. 

I help women discover their worth

[the peace + confidence that comes with it is just the bonus]


Even if you feel typically secure with who you are and happy (most of the time), a lot of women grow accustomed to sweeping their own “stuff” under the rug. And by the time they get to me, they are entirely exhausted from all the pretending/performing/people pleasing. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I know this, because I was once you.

→ Set Boundaries

→ Heal from Codependency

→ Break Free from Dysfunctional Patterns

→ Claim Your Voice + Rewrite Your Legacy

→ Manage Your Time, Talents & Emotional Capacities with Confidence and Without Guilt

At DYW, you’re investing in more than just a membership…
You are embarking on a journey of self discovery.

Three Reasons Why Discover Your Worth Is For You

You are ready to find your voice and take responsibility for your own peace + happiness.
You no longer want to react or make decisions out of guilt, pain or fear.
You are ready to no longer shrink, perform, or people please to earn love.

With Discover Your Worth, you will learn…

  • How to uproot the old beliefs holding you captive and rewrite new ones.
  • How to observe and take authority over your feelings.
  • How to stop the spiral of shameful thoughts.
  • How to break free from people pleasing.
  • How to slow down and rest without guilt.
  • How to quit self-sabotaging for good.
  • How to let go of the myth that you must earn love.
  • How to identify and communicate your core values.
  • How to set and maintain boundaries without fear.

I know what it feels like to be entirely overwhelmed, anxious and literally breaking from the weight of your surroundings. I have been there, the only one seeming like they want to do the work to heal, but aren’t sure which direction to go or how to even begin.

What to Expect

Inside you will find a library of course work which is updated frequently to keep you excelling and growing.

Content includes:

  • Self-paced and multi-part video courses on:
    • Boundaries
    • Heal from Codependency
    • Rising Daughters (the “mother wound”)
    • Stewardship
  • Monthly Master Classes
  • Self-paced Mini-Master Classes
  • PDFs, Journal Prompts, Meditations, Research Links, Book Recommendations, and More
  • A collection of podcast interviews featuring Courtney
  • Access to a community forum to ask and answer questions
  • Email support with Courtney

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